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A combination of a BIG illustration assignment and my love for Hawaii came together in the year of 2004 when I received an illustration assignment to do summer cologne for Tommy Hilfiger. They had me do several prototypes which eventually turned into several fine art paintings that I created more for my personal enjoyment than for Tommy Hilfiger. They ended up going with another illustrator but I had all of these paintings that I wanted to share with others.

Title Original Size Original Price Print Size Limited Edition Print Price
Waterfall 10"x22" SOLD 9.75"x21.5" 50 $62.50
Seashore 10"x22" SOLD 9.75"x21.5" 50 $62.50
Vintage Hula 10"x22" SOLD 7"x15.5" 25 $37.50
Surfers 7"x15.5" $400 9.75"x21.5" 25 $62.50
Hula #2 7"x15.5" $300 7"x15.5" 25 $37.50
Waterfall #2 7"x15.5" $300 7"x15.5" 25 $37.50
Outrigger Canoe 7"x15.5" $300 7"x15.5" 25 $37.50
Hibiscus & Outriggers NA NA 8"x11.5" 25 $30.00

All giclee prints are sold unframed. Shipping is free. Guaranteed satisfaction or your money back. Contact me at schildbach@gmail.com or 206-427-1392 to order.