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Stephen Schildbach started freelancing as an illustrator full time in 1996. His specialty is editorial illustration. Some of his magazine and newspaper clients are: Money Magazine, Harvard Business Review, US Airways Magazine, Consumer Reports, Seventeen, Utne Reader, New Republic, Entrepreneur, PC Magazine, MIT Technology Review, Seattle Magazine, New Jersey Monthly, Baltimore Magazine, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The LA Times, and The Village Voice.

Some of Stephen's biggest projects have been in Advertising and Children's books and games. Tommy Hilfiger commissioned him to do a number of Hawaiian illustrations for men's cologne. He has illustrated an educational children's book called "And Then It Was Sugar". Rubbing Hands hired him to illustrate the cards for an interactive children's game called "Get the Gem". And, he illustrated the poster and all the promotional material for the NW Folklife Festival in 2000.

Stephen has several loyal clients who have commissioned him to illustrate for many assignments throughout the years such as The New York Times, Scotsman Guide, AOPA Pilot, Black Enterprise, Entrepreneur, Seattle Weekly, and Seattle University.